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Moroccan the Casbah

Morocco routeWe are starting to gear up for our next sojourn: three weeks in Morocco. Since we seem to be congenitally incapable of actually relaxing on our trips, our itinerary this time is typically ambitious. You can see from our upcoming route on the map that we’ll be covering a lot of ground. Here is our itinerary:

Sep 27             Arrive Casablanca
Sep 28 – 30    Chefchaouen
Oct 1                Tangier
Oct 2 – 3          Rabat
Oct 4                Meknes/Volubilis
Oct 5                Fez
Oct 6                Cross Middle Atlas Mountains to Erfoud
Oct 7 – 9          Merzouga Sahara Desert Camp
Oct 10              Tineghir
Oct 11               Dadés Valley, travel to Ouarzazate
Oct 12              Cross High Atlas Mountains to Marrakesh
Oct 13 – 15      Marrakesh
Oct 16 – 17      Essaouira
Oct 18              Return to Casablanca
As on our Chile/Argentina trip a year ago — and unlike our Italy adventure — we will be traveling with a small group of 16 people with Overseas Adventure Travel, whom we highly recommend. Two of our fellow travelers, Steve and Thumper (it’s a long story and does not involve the movie Bambi) are a couple whom we met and clicked with two years ago in Africa.
I have no idea what kind of Internet access we will have on this trip, though I suspect that the operative word is “location-dependent”. That is to say, I am pretty confident about being able to post from, say, Casablanca, whereas I am guessing that our tent in the Sahara will have poor connectivity given that we will have no electricity. Details, details. But I will post when possible, starting about four weeks from today (Monday August 31).
Always remember this important phrase: “?أين الحمام”. It’s pronounced approximately “Faen el merhad?”   and means “Where is the bathroom?”  Anyway, watch this space…
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