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Casablanca to Chefchouen (Gesundheit!)

Well, I was just finishing up a long elaborate blog post and about five minutes from the end — after an hour and a half of work — my WordPress app crashed and took the post with it. I have not got the time, energy, or motivation to rewrite the whole thing, but I’ll tell you what: here are the pictures that were in it, followed by the bullet list of notes that I was working from. You can take it from there:

70% Berber, not Arab (Berber cognate of barbarian)

Mohammed VI a modernizer; Hassan II focused on south (below Atlas mtns)

Polygamy still legal but first wife must give permission

Overall illiteracy 40%, very high among women

Hassan II mosque…spare space with ornate windows. Highest minaret in country 200m. One of largest mosques in world, can hold 100,000. Country is Sunni…Shia are second class

Dry fields interspersed with sugar cane

Long dry stretches interspersed with small towns, each with square minaret…tallest structure,square cross section (Andalusian architecture)

Many half finished bldgs…rebar everywhere.

Straig narrow hwy, one lane each direction…invitation to accidents (which we saw)

Donkey carts, horse carts

Souk el Arba for lunch…looks like Mexican border town. Tagine and beef kabobs on charcoal out on street. Lively intersection with vendors, tuktuks

Salt pools outside of town

Wedding musicians at gas station….sheep in truck (dowry).

Chefchouen a melting pot: Berbers, Arabs, andalusians kicked out of Spain (Muslims and Jews). There are Jewish Berbers. (Only 3000 Jews in country, used to be 300,000 but they all left for Israel in 1948)

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